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Al-Amal For Renewable Energy


Supplying the best components for solar energy systems

We have the best solar energy panels and the best inverters, and we offer this service to companies working in the field of solar energy .

Design and installation of solar energy systems

Whatever the shape and size of your facility, do not worry. We have all the solutions and designs that help you install a solar energy system and save electricity bills up to 100%.

Inspection and operation of solar energy systems/stations

We use the latest and best testing equipment to ensure the solar energy system works and to ensure its excellent continuity.


Environmental Management Agency

The Environmental Management Agency for Al-Amal Foundation for Renewable Energy is a dedicated entity within the organization that focuses on promoting environmental stewardship and ensuring sustainable practices throughout its operations. The agency works towards achieving the following goals: Environmental Policy , Environmental Impact Assessment , Waste Management , Energy Efficiency , Ecosystem Preservation , Stakeholder Engagement , Continuous Improvement.

What is our special ?

Monthly follow-up of electricity bills
Visit for free to inspect all parts of the system
Solar cell cleaning service for one year free of charge
In the event of a malfunction, it will be repaired within 24 hours.

What We Offer ?

Not only selling and installing with us, after installing a lot!

The recovery period for the solar cell project price is less than 24 months Provide us with the electricity bill and we will provide you with the financial offer directly To inquire about solar energy systems.